Stand-Alone Books

These books don’t belong to any particular series, and the stories may or may not have sequels in the future!

Animal Instincts


“I paused as my sensitive nose caught the man’s scent.  It was thick and musky, a wild and feral smell, and a primitive craving stirred to life low in my belly. The new instinct pulsed through me and I leaned into the stranger, rubbing my furred sides against his legs. Sensual heat built inside me as his large hand caressed my sleek head before sinking into the thick ruff at my neck. “Guess it’s my lucky day too! Don’t worry, I’ve got what you need right here… but you need to change back first. Can you do that for me?” ”

Those are far too big to be real!

When enormous predators snatch a camper, ranger Jenny tracks them down, only to be kidnapped by the lustful shape-shifters herself! After a hot taste of were-blood, her raw animal instincts surge to life. What won’t the foxy red-head do to satisfy her primal urges?

Warning: This 4,500-word erotic short story includes a graphic gangbang and a woman too hot to say no! For adults only.

Chosen by the Gods


“Up close, the man seemed to shimmer, his skin finely dusted with gold. Gingerly, I reached out and touched the smooth warmth of his hairless chest. He smiled down at me, reassuringly, and I spoke without thinking. “Who are you, anyways?”

Pulling back a bit, he floated up off the cloud, the wings on his leather sandals fluttering wildly. “What, the shoes don’t give it away?” He sank back down and raised a hand to my face, gently tucking a strand of my long dark hair behind my ear. “I’m Hermes, of course.” ”

The Gods are Lustful and Cruel…

When Claire meets a Greek god in a disturbingly sexy dream, she doesn’t know that by agreeing to exchange her ‘favors’ for knowledge, she took the first step in becoming the newest Oracle! But the ancient gods need to test her willingness to satisfy their legendarily perverted desires. What will Claire have to do to survive their induction ritual?

Warning: This 8,300-word erotic short story includes a mythological MFM, and a Goddess willing to break all gender taboos! For adults only!

Tempting Eve

Tempting Eve

“He lowered her arms, and then tipped her chin up with one gentle touch.  Lowering his lips, he delicately traced them over hers, brushing lightly until she pressed herself against him, rising up onto her toes.  Then he took over, tracing her lips with his tongue until she opened her warm mouth to him.  He thrust his tongue firmly inside, rubbing against her teeth and playfully flirting with her tongue.  Her knees weakened at the wet heat of his slippery mouth against her, and she leaned against him, feeling her lush tits flatten against his hard chest.”

There’s a Snake in the Garden…

The Garden of Eden is the original tale of love and depravity. Eve, turned off by Adam’s clumsy advances, wanders through the garden when she finds unexpected company. What can a skilled lover teach Eve about her body, and how to use it?

Warning: This 3,000-word erotic short story contains vivid depictions of sex between an innocent and the depraved! For adults only.

Personal Pleasures

Personal Pleasures“His voice was hoarse as he urged me on, and my tentative fingers grew bolder, sliding between my slick folds as ever stronger shocks of pleasure rippled through me.  I closed my eyes, focusing on the growing knot of pleasure in my core.  The office around me faded away as that tangled coil tightened in time with my desperate strokes into my throbbing pussy. Some unimaginable release seemed to loom over me, and I gasped and shook with desperate need, clawing for its peak.”

It’s not as easy as it looks!

Every lusty encounter ended the same way for Laura: with a whimper, not a bang. It had always seemed so easy for the heroines in her favorite romance novels! She’s frustrated enough to seek professional help. But when her sex therapist turns out to be a man, she’s too shy (and aroused!) to speak. Can he really teach how to reach a pleasure she’d never known, or will its fabled glory forever elude her?

Warning: This 4300-word steamy short story includes public masturbation, erotic toys and a wickedly unprofessional sex therapist! For adults only.

  1. When will betrayed be out.

    • Rose,

      I’m so sorry I didn’t see this earlier! (Dang, I’m 10 months late. That must be a record of some kind!). I know its unlikely you’ll ever see this, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve published Betrayed and the conclusion: Bled! I had a rough time writing this series, as it tiptoed far closer to the horror side of paranormal erotica than I usually write. But I think you’ll enjoy the result!

      Thanks for commenting!
      Lacy Dae

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