Bound & Bled

A vampire hunter captured by her prey must do anything possible to survive!


Bound_200“It seemed like the tall blonde was the master, and a shorter Hispanic vamp, his second in command. The rest were followers, but still very dangerous. They all moved with predatory grace, speed and strength wrapped in utterly sexy packaging. I wiggled as liquid heat bloomed to life low in my belly, recalling the hard muscles of the blonde’s chest under my cheek and his warms hands running down my back. Squirming restlessly, I tried to get comfortable, slinging a leg over the center console as I slouched low in the driver’s seat.”

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted…

When Lydia’s partner is running late, she decides to follow her dangerous prey alone. Captured, she’s bound and helpless, and very soon begging for mercy! Unfortunately for her, vampires have none. The evil creatures have questions she doesn’t want to answer, but how much of their seductive torture can she take?

Warning: This 7,000-word short story includes masturbation, light bondage and a dangerously sexy encounter with a predatory vampire! 18+ only.


Betrayed2000“Now, Lydia, you know that the others will wonder what we’ve been up to in here.” Leon smirked at me. “They’ll want proof of our… efforts to make you talk.” I inhaled in a strangled gasp as his fangs dropped forward, and his dark eyes shone crimson. A monster once more, he leaned over me, grabbing my face and tilting my head to expose my throat. I panted in helpless terror, only able to watch as Jack shoved his pants to the floor, his hard cock springing free. Leon murmured against my neck, his breath hot on my shuddering skin, “It’s been so long…”

When Lydia was captured by vampires, she knew she was as good as dead.  But when two traitors pull her into a convoluted plot, what won’t she do for a chance to escape? First she must prove her loyalty to their cause! The vampires will try to break her will with fear, pain… and pleasure!

Warning: This 6,500-word story includes dubious consent, rough double penetrations and a woman fighting (and fucking!) for her life! The sequel to Bound.



Bled“She sank her needle-sharp fangs into her lower lip, shredding the smooth flesh. Blood flowed from the wound, thick and red. She leaned over me, and I shuddered as the hot liquid dripped onto my face. Her breath brushed my cheek as she spoke once more. “She is my chalice, the bearer of my love for you. Drink of my power through her, and return to me, my sons.” ”

Blood is Power…

Caught in the middle of deadly vampire intrigue, Lydia is a pawn in their sadistic games, willing to anything under the influence of their lust-inducing venom. When she’s served as a ‘blood chalice’ in the coven’s bonding ritual, she will have to fight her own twisted desires to escape with her life. Can she ever regain her freedom? Or will the vamps suck her dry as they use her body for their own dark pleasures?

This 7300-word story is the sequel to Bound and Betrayed, and the conclusion of Lydia’s erotic adventures. This sexy short story includes dubious consent, blood play, and a woman driven mad with perverse hungers!


Series Bundle: Bound & Bled

B&B“You’ve tasted both pleasure and pain with us, Lydia.” I squeaked as he lifted his face to mine. His blue eyes now shone red with blood-lust, and terror shot through me. “Neither broke your will, a truly impressive display. But now it’s my turn, and I always play with my food.”

When Lydia was captured by vampires, she knew she was as good as dead.  But as the vampires turn on one another, Lydia will risk everything to escape her fate!  Can she withstand their seductive tortures long enough to gain her freedom?  Or will the vampires suck her dry as they use her body for their own dark pleasures?

This 21,000-word bundle includes Bound, Betrayed and Bled.  The hot bondage, blood play and rough sex scenes make this for adults only!


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