Looking for Love

Can magical lust ever lead to true love? These two short stories explore what happens when a woman becomes impossible to resist… but so are the men!


Sex Hex

Sex Hex

” “Oh, hi, Paul!” I greeted him guiltily; I was painfully aware that I had just eye-fucked him. I walked over to the empty washing machine next to him, and dropped my laundry bag onto the floor. Facing the machine, I started to load my dirty clothes into it.

Suddenly Paul’s arms came down on either side of me, his hands grasping the washing machine. I straightened in surprise, and my ass brushed against the front of his jeans. A hard erection pushed at me though the rough fabric. Paul ground his rigid cock against my ass and nuzzled my throat, making me gasp as a surge of fluttery warmth went through me and collected at my pussy.”

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Neglected housewife Holly is desperate for affection. When a demon offered to make her irresistible, she thought her problems were over! But what starts out as a dream quickly became a nightmare, when Holly is unable to resist the men who burn with lust for her. Anything they ask, she’ll do! After a few dangerously hot encounters with complete strangers, she’ll to do anything, anything, to break the demon’s spell!

Warning: This 6,600-word erotic short story includes anal sex, a public gangbang and soaking hot lesbian sex! For adults only.


Love Potion #9


“Between my vivid recollection of Frank’s muscled body and the heady scent from the bottle still lingering in the air, a familiar aching warmth stirred to life low in my belly. At least I didn’t need a man to take care of this! I opened my nightstand drawer and pulled out my favorite stress-reducer.”

Drugged with Lust…

When Joyce receives a phony love potion as a gift, she knows better than to believe the hype. How desperate would you have to be to even try it? But when somebody uses it to spike the punch-bowl at her high school reunion, everyone’s innermost fantasies are suddenly set loose! Will Joyce’s old flame finally admit his desire for her lush curves? And can true love be found in a bottle?

Warning: This 7,000-word short story contains a BBW, sex toys, a lusty MFM menage and a tender happy ending. For adults only!


Bundled together in: Looking for Love


“My curiosity stirring, I broke the wax seal and pried out the cork. A warm, heavy smell instantly rose from the bottle, and I closed my eyes, breathing it in. It seemed so familiar, a clean, masculine scent, but I knew I’d never smelled it before. It reminded me of the feel of clean sheets and smooth skin, of urgent touches in the dark, soft lips moving on mine…”

Lust or Love?

Holly and Joyce were both willing to do anything in their search for love. But they never expected their deepest, darkest desires to become their erotic reality! Can true love blossom in the depths of untamed lust? Or will they settle for merely satisfying their every wicked fantasy?

This 13,700-word bundle contains two sexy short stories: Sex Hex and Love Potion #9.

Warning: These hot short stories include public sex, gangbangs, sex toys and surprisingly happy endings! For adults only.


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