By the Pack Series 2

In these 3 short stories, Shadow and Scar-face (from By the Pack Series 1) are cut loose from the pack and desperate to find new mates.  When a park ranger gets lost in the woods, they claim her for their own: body and soul!


Book One: Taken by the Pack

Taken by the Pack

“We were talking about nothing much, when a howl suddenly rang out, lonesome and wild. It sounded close by, within a few hundred feet of the cabin and I shivered in involuntary, instinctive response to the hunting call of a predator. Rick patted my leg, comfortingly. “It’s ok, it’s just the local wolf pack.”

“I know that,” I returned, annoyed at showing my nerves. “It just startled me, is all.”

“Well, I know how to take your mind off of it.” He turned sideways on the couch and pulled me in closer, my back leaning on his firm chest, with his hands wrapped around me and resting on my belly. Kissing my neck, he ran his hands up my sides to cup my breasts. I purred and arched my back, pushing my tits against his big hands. He responded by pinching my nipples lightly and gently biting the side of my throat.”

There are Dark Mysteries in the Forest…

Park rangers (and lovers) Cassie and Rick are assigned to a station that was the scene of a grisly murder, a bloody unsolved crime. Finding a possible lead, Cassie decides to investigate, hiking deep into the forest. But she stumbles onto a dangerous secret, and will have to decide how far she’ll go to survive. Can she satisfy the monsters she’s discovered before they tear her apart?

Warning: This 5,000-word short story includes an erotic menage a trois between a captured woman and lustful beasts! Adults only.

Book Two: Torn from the Pack

Torn from the Pack

“Something else had happened that evening, though, something that had involved my long-time partner, Rick… I whimpered, still half-asleep, as a dim memory of pain and blood began to surface. The men next to me woke at my cry, as one turning towards me and pulling themselves up onto an elbow on either side of me. The dark man reached for me first, resting a large hand on my face. I gasped as foreign images and sensations began to flicker through my mind: the seductive warmth of fur against my skin, lust and need, the comfort of home and the smell of the pack. Surrounded by that blissful mental touch, buoyed by a feeling of acceptance and belonging that I’d never known, I let the pain and dread fade away, and reached for the werewolves, sliding my hands down their flat stomachs until I could feel the velvety hardness of their erections against my palms.”

Curiosity Was the Death of Her…

After having her throat torn out, and surviving, Cassie discovers the pleasures of belonging to a werewolf pack. But when an intruding pack abducts her for their own, she faces a horrifying reality. Through her new pack bonds, the psychopathic alpha can make her feel whatever he wants, including uncontrollable lust! In the grip of his mental domination, will Cassie betray the wolves who turned her? And even if she survives the harsh treatment of the crazed new pack, will she ever be free? Torn between the wolves who attacked her and killed Rick, and this new pack that takes what they want from her, body and soul, Cassie faces the hardest choices of her life: to yield or to die!

The sequel to Taken by the Pack!

Warning: This 7,000-word short story includes graphic werewolf menages, mind control and a woman willing to do anything to survive! For adults only.

Book Three: Tamed by the Pack

Tamed by the Pack

” “Well, now, girlie, it ain’t gonna suck itself!” He pointed downwards, to where his huge erection was standing at attention, unrestrained by clothing of any sort. I gulped, struggling to my feet and slowly approaching him. I could do this. I’d get him so hot and bothered he wouldn’t notice anything outside the cabin. I pasted a sexy smirk onto my face, and lowered myself to my knees in front of him.”

A Girl’s Got To Do What A Girl’s Go To Do…

After she’s kidnapped by a rogue alpha and his crazed wolves, Cassie’s pack-mates attempted a gallant rescue. Their plan goes terribly awry, though, and all the wolves are captured, sentenced to a hideous death. With the lives of her pack at stake, what can Cassie do to free them, and herself? Her only hope is to create a distraction… by any means necessary!

Warning: This 7,000-word sexy short story contains dubious consent, graphic werewolf gangbangs and double penetration! For adults only.

The sequel to Taken by the Pack and Torn from the Pack.

Series Bundle: Stolen by the Pack

Stolen by the Pack

“The shadow wolf reared up on its hind legs, and then higher, impossibly high, stretching and twisting. The legs of a wolf became the arms and legs of a man, in a slow metamorphosis in the shadow on the cave wall. Then it vanished, as the light from the cave entrance was blocked out by a large form, blurred by my tears and gilded around the edges by the setting sun. It was a naked man, who approached me with his hands held open, in a gesture of peaceful intentions. He was muscular and dark-skinned, almost ebony in the shadows of the cave. Another man came into the cave, also naked, with a scar that cut across his face, giving him a rakish look.”

3 Hot Werewolf Gangbangs in One Money-Saving Bundle!

This 20,000 word story collection includes Taken by the Pack, Torn from the Pack and Tamed by the Pack. Park rangers Cassie and Rick have been assigned to a cabin deep in the wilds of Montana. Six months before, a ranger had been brutally murdered there, in a bloody attack that had never been solved. When Cassie investigates the horrifying crime, she makes a terrifying discovery: the local wolves have a deadly secret… and desires they’ll do anything to satisfy!

Warning: These erotic short stories include multiple werewolf gangbangs, lustful mind control, light bondage and a woman willing to do anything to survive! For adults only!

Megabundle!  By the Pack Series 1 & 2

Pursued by the Pack

Pursued by the Pack

“I shivered, remembering watching the alpha wolves mate earlier that day. The big alpha male had tenderly licked and nipped the female, whining plaintively. He wanted sex! So did the lithe female, who returned his nuzzles and let him mount her. My vantage point had allowed me to see his cock plunging in and out of his mate’s opening, his breathing quickening, followed by low growls and yips as he emptied himself into her.

As much as I hated to admit it to myself, watching those beautiful animals fuck had turned me on. In the dark, I unbuttoned my pants, and slipped my fingers into my panties. Massaging my tender clit with quick little jerks, my breath caught and I uttered a low moan. God, I was horny! It had been months since my last screw, with that pre-med student from my biochemistry class. And he’d been distinctly unsatisfactory…”

Six Sexy Short Stories in One Intense Collection!

This 36,000 word megabundle contains two complete werewolf gangbang collections: By the Pack Series 1 & 2! Included stories are Fucked by the Pack, Forced by the Pack, Claimed by the Pack, Taken by the Pack, Torn from the Pack and Tamed by the Pack.

A Montana pack of wolves are more then they seem, to the terror and delight of a pair of intruding women. Trapped by monsters out of legend, each girl must make the decision of a lifetime – to accept the pleasures and perils of the pack or to flee from their dangerous captors. But escape may not even be possible… much less desired!

Warning: These hot short stories include rough werewolf gangbangs that’ll leave you aching for more! For adults only.


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