Billionaire Bundles

I have a weakness for alliteration, I’ll admit it. The second trilogy of the Bought & Sold series and the complete collection are now available on and other online bookstores!


Bound to the Billionaire

Bound to the Billionaire“Oh dear, you really don’t understand what’s happened here, do you?” She leaned forward, her hands flat on the table. “Rachel used us, Miles. She used you. She got under your guard and stole confidential data that I know you kept at your house. She took what she stole and then used your money to fund this new company, stabbing both of us in the back!”

“No! That’s not true!” I protested loudly, but neither seemed to hear me, their eyes locked.

“Your ridiculous scheming didn’t betray Rachel, Miles. She betrayed you! And her plan worked beautifully.”

Was Rachel’s Suffering the Price Paid for Lost Innocence…

The virgin auction had left Rachel deeply wounded, when she was used as a pawn in a vicious feud between a reclusive billionaire and his evil ex-wife (in Bought & Sold, 1-3).  Discovering the depths of Miles’ callous manipulations finally drove her from his arms, but nothing can rid her of the memories of his perversely exciting lusts. Or her desire for his love….

Or Was She the Author of the Most Twisted Scheme Yet?

When Miles finds her and drags her back into his treacherous world, she’s torn between fear and hope. Will she dare to give that devious, damaged man her heart? Or will the lies that stand between them forever keep them apart?

This 30,000-word bundle includes the short stories Pursued by the Billionaire, Revenge of the Billionaire and Seducing the Billionaire.


Bought & Sold: Complete Collection

Bought & Sold“He released me, breathing hard as he drew back. “You’ve been a very bad girl, Rachel.” I could feel his muscles tighten as he fought down some strong emotion. Dazed by the kiss, I raised my hands to his shoulders for balance, and felt the trembling tension thrumming through his body. I swallowed hard. But I wasn’t afraid, and that dim realization felt like a release. Like permission.”

When All the Lies are Revealed…

When “Sophia” is sold in the virgin auction, she never expected to find herself in the bed of reclusive billionaire Miles Sinclaire! The dominating man yearns to teach her to submit to his every twisted desire, and to her alarm, Sophia finds herself all too eager to obey! And there’s so many ways a virgin can satisfy her man…

And the Games are Over…

But when Miles’ psychotic ex-wife reclaims her purchase, he must make a terrible choice: yield to the bitch’s cruel demands, or hand over his virgin to a terrible fate! Will Sophia ever be free of the depraved contract? Will Miles still want her once their business arrangement is fulfilled? And worst of all, how can he possibly forgive her when Sophia’s own secrets are finally revealed?

Will Their Love Have Survived?

This 57,000-word series collection contains the complete Bought & Sold series: Bought for the Billionaire, Sold to the Billionaire, Claimed by the Billionaire, Pursued by the Billionaire, Revenge of the Billionaire and Seducing the Billionaire.


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  1. I loved this series – Miles was a dark character but he did not disappoint in the end. It would be interesting to see how things worked out for them a few years down the road.

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