At Long Last – Seducing the Billionaire

Seducing the BillionaireThe long-awaited conclusion to the Bought & Sold Series!

“I closed my eyes as his cool mouth descended. The hard curves of his lips pressed ruthlessly against mine, in a starkly unfriendly caress. My lips softened, a wordless plea, but there was no mercy to be had in the harsh pressure of his kiss. Helplessly pinned in place, I whimpered as my teeth bit into my lips under his attack. A few seconds later, Miles lifted his head, staring down at me.

“See?” He whispered throatily, still staring at my mouth. “Nothing.” ”

A Final Act of Desperation…

With the evidence mounting against her, Rachel will do whatever she must to regain her lover’s lost trust: even make a deal with the devil herself, his evil ex-wife!  But when her dangerous plan goes terribly awry, will Rachel be saved by the cynical man she’s grown to love?  Or will he still believe the cruel lies that have been woven around them, and reject Rachel forever… along with the baby growing inside her?

A Last Chance for Love.

This 7,800-word erotic short story includes rough sex, violence, a desperate woman’s final hope and a heartless man’s last redemption. For adults only!

Author’s Note:

I’m sorry this took so long to come out!  I’ve got a really bad habit of throwing in plot twists just because they sound fun at the time, which makes it really difficult to write a conclusion that wraps everything up nice and neat.  But I’m sure this one is worth the wait!


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