New Release – Animal Instincts

Just a quick and dirty short for those craving supernatural gangbangs!  I thought I’d try to do something similar to my first book (and still strongest-seller) Fucked by the Pack. Short & sexy is the way to go!


Animal Instincts

“I paused as my sensitive nose caught the man’s scent.  It was thick and musky, a wild and feral smell, and a primitive craving stirred to life low in my belly. The new instinct pulsed through me and I leaned into the stranger, rubbing my furred sides against his legs. Sensual heat built inside me as his large hand caressed my sleek head before sinking into the thick ruff at my neck. “Guess it’s my lucky day too! Don’t worry, I’ve got what you need right here… but you need to change back first. Can you do that for me?” ”

Those are far too big to be real!

When enormous predators snatch a camper, ranger Jenny tracks them down, only to be kidnapped by the lustful shape-shifters herself! After a hot taste of were-blood, her raw animal instincts surge to life. What won’t the foxy red-head do to satisfy her primal urges?

Warning: This 4,500-word erotic short story includes a graphic gangbang and a woman too hot to say no! For adults only.



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