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Ok, so I’m really, really, really bad at blogging!  But I’ve decided to make writing blog posts part of my NaNoWriMo goals, so… yeah.  We’ll see.


Let’s catch up.  First, a huge thank you to everyone who ever sees this!  Self-publishing feels a lot like talking to yourself… you’re never sure if you actually have an audience, much less anyone who appreciates what you’re trying to say.  So, thank you.  Thank you for reading, thank you for reaching my blog and especially, thank you for your interest. It makes all the differences.

I had a bit of a slump over the summer, but I’ve been working hard, trying to publish at least two stories a month, for the last couple of months.  I know other writers are far more prolific, but I’ve worked out a pace that I think I can maintain for the long haul, and still write decent stories.  So 2-3 books  a month will probably be normal from now on. If you read something you like, please leave a review or drop me an e-mail!

So let’s see what I’ve been up to since May!

I published The Sacrifice in April, and followed it up with The Temptress and The Deceiver. These books were challenging to write, because they featured a virginal, innocent protagonist in a fairy tale setting.  But they were also great fun, and very sexy!


The Temptress (Book Two of Taming the Beast)

Book Two of Taming the Beast

“Shockingly, his finger drifted further back between my legs, brushing gently against the tight ring hidden there. I gasped, horrified at that forbidden touch. “N-no! Don’t…” I whispered, but the taboo exploration made my juices flow even faster and my protest ended in a pleading moan. His lapping tongue and gently probing finger made me squirm, and he groaned as my lusty scent rose around us.”

Continuing the Erotic Fairy Tale…

When Anna is given to the beast terrorizing her village (in The Sacrifice), she willingly sacrifices her virginity to free the man inside the monster. But her chastity alone was not enough to break his curse, and now time is running out. Will Anna lure two more innocents into the woods, more virgin sacrifices to his feral lust?

Warning: This sexy 6,000-word short story includes the anal training of a virgin, a young man’s first blowjob and a searing MMF menage a trois! Adults only.


The Deceiver (Book Three of Taming the Beast)

Book Three of Taming the Beast

“She began to chant, harsh syllables that resonated through me, dropping me to my knees. I gasped as wet heat bloomed between my thighs, pulses of pleasure crawling through my body. My empty sheath throbbed in time with her spell, need welling up from some bottomless pit, and I moaned as fiery lust consumed me. Magic loosened the ropes binding my arms, and they fell to the floor. I barely noticed my new freedom, as my eager fingers dove straight into my secret cleft, pinching and rubbing the swelling bud concealed there. Unconcerned with the men watching, I parted my thighs and sank a finger deeply into my aching well, desperate to satisfy the painful lust her spell had sown in me.”

The Final Chapter in an Erotic Fairy Tale…

Anna’s desperate efforts to save the cursed beast-man (in The Sacrifice and The Temptress) are foiled when they are captured by the same men who chained her as bait for the monster. The witch who cast the curse has returned, and her vengeance will be dire. What will Anna do under the searing influence of the witch’s punitive lust spell?

Warning: This 9,200-word short story includes a blazing hot MFM menage with a beast, and a soaking lesbian seduction! For adults only.


I bundled the three stories together in Taming the Beast! Save $2 by buying the bundle!


Taming the Beast (Series Bundle)

Taming the Beast Series Bundle

An Erotic Re-Telling of a Classic Fairy Tale: Beauty and the Beast

“He moved down my body, sniffing at my skin, until his face was even with my newly exposed mound. I struggled to press my thighs together, but the ankle shackles held my legs too far apart. I was completely exposed to him, my feminine garden open to the night air. His hot breath against my sensitive folds made mine catch in my throat. Then his warm tongue touched me, and my back arched off the smooth stone below me.”

3 Disturbingly Sexy Stories in One Money-Saving Bundle!

When her village is threatened by a legendary monster, Anna pulls the short straw, chosen by fate to make the ultimate sacrifice. Bound in chains, she’s left in the woods as a virgin offering to his feral lust. But what kind of night demon is the creature? And what dark hungers will she be forced to satisfy? This 20,000-word story collection includes The Sacrifice, The Temptress & The Deceiver.

Warning: These erotic short stories include a virgin’s encounter with a lustful beast, MMF and MFM menages, and a soaking hot lesbian seduction! For adults only.


I’ll save my new series for another blog post!



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