OK, So I Suck at This

I really, really, really suck at blogging.  No,no, don’t try to spare my feelings.  I know it’s true.  I never post, I don’t track statistics, I don’t brag about my sales or recommend other authors.  I don’t do anything.  

I’m just not here.

I set this blog up in a hurry.  This was a check-off point on a list I got from somewhere.  Let me dig that up… ok, here it is.

Wanna be an erotica writer?

1.  Write books.

2.  Publish books.

3.  Blog & Tweet books.

4. ?????

5.  Profit.

So I wrote a few books and published them, and then, astonishingly, I made a profit! 

But I totally neglected step 3.  Oh, I’ve included links to my blog and twitter in every book, but I never do anything here.  I think it’s mostly because deep down, I thought this was a hobby.  Or just a short-lived experiment, that would fall to the wayside soon. 

But it hasn’t.  Every month my income has been increasing, until in March I tripled my day-job income in book sales!  And I have my readers to thank for that…. the same people who might be interested in reading my blog or following me on twitter.  If they could.  If I did anything there.

So, a promise to my readers:  this isn’t a hobby.  This is a new, exciting career opportunity and I WILL take it seriously.  I’ll blog at least once a week, if not more, and do my best to figure out that new-fangled tweeting thing.  Because if you want to read what I write, then I’d damned well better write!

I still don’t know if anyone will read this, or care.  But I will try harder.  


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