Brave New World

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I’m a author just starting out on making my mark.  Please review my work and leave some advice!


An excerpt from “Fucked by the Pack”, coming soon!


     “Montana nights are cold. I shivered in my tent, huddled in a ball deep in my sleeping bag, and dreamed of Tahiti. “I could’ve studied parrots or monkeys! Why in God’s name did I pick wolves to work with?”  I whined to myself. It was a familiar complaint. The April daytime weather was gradually heading for spring (some days it was almost above freezing!) but winter still held the night in a steely grip.   

    Despite the cold conditions, I was glad to be there. My study of the wolves’ mating rituals would change how people perceived the animals. They were not the ferocious slavering beasts of lore, but instead, loyal and loving with one another. The alpha pair mated for life and raised their cubs together every spring.

   I shivered, remembering watching the alpha wolves mate earlier that day. The big alpha male had tenderly licked and nipped the female, whining plaintively. He wanted sex!  So did the lithe female, who returned his nuzzles and let him mount her. My vantage point had allowed me to see his cock plunging in and out of his mate’s opening, his breathing quickening, followed by low growls and yips as he emptied himself into her.

   As much as I hated to admit it to myself, watching those beautiful animals fuck had turned me on. In the dark, I unbuttoned my pants, and slipped my fingers into my panties. Massaging my tender clit with quick little jerks, my breath caught and I uttered a low moan. God, I was horny! It had been months since my last screw, with that pre-med student from my biochemistry class. And he’d been distinctly unsatisfactory…”


The action gets hotter as our intrepid biologist gets closer to the wolves than ever before, and discovers a startling secret…


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